Wildlings Forest School Q&A

Updated: Feb 12, 2020

Thinking about applying for The Refinery? 2019 participants, Wildlings Forest School answer your questions.

Who are The Wildlings?

Vicci and Nicki, two reformed teachers taking on the traditional school model and putting the dirt back in childhood.

Why did you apply for The Refinery?

Networking, mentors, business learning, exposure, dedicated time away from our business to focus on getting the basics right - so we could take our business to the next level.

What was the most valuable thing you got out of The Refinery?

Honestly, the connections we’ve made and the tools we've learned, particularly in the social enterprise space. It was invaluable having access to a diverse range of mentors from ideas to impact, finance, investment and marketing.

Biggest surprise?

The generosity of the local creative sector. The Refinery introduced us to a network of local success stories like Renton from Pottery for the Planet and indigenous artist Jandmarra Cadd.

What was the value of Refinery to your business?

Connections and industry introductions. Helping to build our name and reputation with local government; regular exposure on social media across Sunny Coast; relationships with other Refinery businesses.

What opportunities have arisen since completing The Refinery?

The MET (SunCentral) workshop series; Caloundra Music Festival; 1000 Play Streets Grant; Landsborough micro grant; smaller projects with other Refinery Businesses. We also won the Sunshine Coast Business Awards (Ed and Training) due to having most of application completed through Refinery process and having practiced and created our pitch.

Would you recommend The Refinery?

In ten weeks of The Refinery we did more than we have done in two and a half years. We'd recommend anyone considering the program to make the time to do The Refinery.

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