Musician Creates AirBnB for Live Music

Updated: Mar 16, 2019

Founded in 2015, Parlour is a global technology platform that's good for musos and good for the neighborhood. Their core mission is to empower artists to tour to new places and build deeper connections with their fans.

Known as "pop-up gigs" and "the Airbnb of live music", users can book their favourite band to play in their loungeroom or backyard, whether they are in Melbourne or Kununurra. They're also bringing together neighbours, in what some hosts hope fosters a sense of community.

Parlour Gigs co-founder Glenn Luck said there had been 1,500 gigs, involving 120 musicians, since they launched in 2015.

"We concentrate on using data that artists can gather from platforms such as Facebook, Spotify, those kinds of platforms, to actually figure out where an artist can tour and where their fans actually exist," he said.

His co-founder Matt Walters came up with the idea after struggling to make money touring music venues in the United States, and instead played to people in his Airbnb-type accommodation.

In the age of streaming squeezing musicians' salaries, some artists are making a third of their annual income doing house gigs.

They receive deposits, set a minimum audience, have low overheads and lose a comparatively low 17 per cent in service fees to the platform.

House gigs are played in other countries, but Mr Luck said the Australian model remains unique in the world, because it is more focussed on the artists than the just the party itself.

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