Select one mentor from the options below for a 10 minute video chat via Zoom within the next week. 

Book a chat

Take a moment to reflect on your idea and your conversations. If you like, reach out to a friend or potential customer to get their take.  

Refine your idea

Record a 90 second video of  who you are, why you create, what your idea is and how The Refinery can help you. A piece to camera on your mobile is fine.

Record a video

Upload via We Transfer by Saturday April 4.


1. Chat


Our Bootcamp mentors are the initiating partners of The Refinery. From the options below, consider choosing a mentor that compliments your area of interest or perhaps you'd like to connect with someone in a new field. Select the BOOK function and schedule a 10 minute chat via Calendly. This will be a chance to share your business idea and answer any questions we may have.

*If your preffered mentor is booked out please select an alternative. 

The Refinery Chats will take place on Zoom. Sign up to the video conferencing site here for free

Once booked in our mentors will send you a link to your zoom meeting.

Megan Rowland.jpg

Megan Rowland is a dancer, wonder maker and leader in creative and cultural industries  at Sunshine Coast Council 




Bronwyn Adams is an Urban Designer, Creative Strategist and Project Manager for  Maroochydore City Centre.




Phil Smith is an Architect and Director of not-for-profit art services organisation Creative Alliance.  


Megan Williams is a Curator at USC Gallery and VP of Sunshine Coast Creative Alliance, helping artists weave wild ideas.


Brendan Beale is   director of creative and culture agency People Make Places and Project Manager of Creative Spaces and The Refinery


Arts and Architecture



Creative Strategist


2. Refine

Before you record your 90 second video take a moment to reflect on your idea, why you create and who you're creating for. One of these may work for you:

Get clear on WHY you want to start a business. 



Organise your idea with a mind map - focusing on what you offer, what is unique about it and who is your customer.

Reach out to friends, family or potential customers for feedback, ideas and interest.  


One Sentence

Simplify your idea into one sentence - how you are creating value and to whom, eg:

(“My business, _(insert name of company)_, is creating _(a defined offering)_ to help _(a defined audience)_ _(solve a problem)_ with _(secret sauce)_”).


2020 Refinery Mentor Frankie Ratford

3. Record


Record a 90 second video of  who you are, why you create, what your idea is and how The Refinery can help you.


A piece to camera on your mobile is fine. We are not looking for editing skills or high production values - just a clear, passionate pitch. 

Who am I?

What is my why?

What is my idea?

How can The Refinery help me?

The Refinery Mentor Kay from Startup Creative 

2019 Refinery Alumni Wildlings Forest School show you how it's done.

4. Upload

Upload via We Transfer by Saturday April 4.

Questions about your bookings, video or idea? Reach out to Brendan via email